Kids Dentist in Cedar Rapids, IA

If you’re looking for the best dentist for kids near Cedar Rapids, IA and beyond, look no further. For your little one's smile, you can trust the same office that keeps your smile healthy!

At River Ridge Dental, our dentists are specially trained to provide complete oral health care for patients of all ages. Our Cedar Rapids, IA dental office is designed to be as kid-friendly as possible, offering plenty of amenities in our waiting room to help little ones stay calm and entertained.

Here are some of our top kids' dentistry services:

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

At River Ridge Dental, our team is happy to see children for a visit as soon as they turn one year old, to ensure their smile stays healthy from the start! Each child's first dental visit is usually short and involves very little treatment. We may ask that the parent or guardian sits in the dental chair and holds their child during the examination. For some patients, the parent or guardian may be asked to wait in the reception area during part of the visit so that a relationship can be built between the child and our dentist.

At your child's first dental visit, our team will gently examine their teeth and gums. A set of digital x-rays may be taken to reveal decay and check on the progress of your child’s permanent teeth under the gums. Our team will clean your child’s teeth and nay apply topical mineral treatment to help protect the teeth against decay. Most important of all, we will review with you how to clean and care for your child’s teeth.

At River Ridge Dental, we emphasize oral health education by providing easy-to-understand explanations designed to help kids keep their teeth and gums healthy in between appointments. A healthy smile takes effort from both the patient and the dentist, so it’s essential to establish this relationship early on.

Our biggest goal for your child’s first dental visit is that it's a fun, positive experience!

Checkups and Preventative Care

Our dentists follow oral health guidelines established by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD) advising children to be seen for checkups every 6 months. If our team discovers multiple cavities or early orthodontic concerns, we may suggest more frequent appointments to keep your child healthy.

Our approach to preventive dental care for kids is rooted in the belief that tooth decay and children no longer have to go hand in hand. We take interest in all aspects of preventive care. That's why we use the latest dental sealant to protect your child’s teeth. Dental sealants are a resin that is bonded to the chewing surfaces of decay-prone back teeth. This is just one of the ways we can set the foundation for your child’s lifetime of proper oral health!

Cavity Prevention for Kids

Most of the time cavities are due to a diet high in sugary foods and a lack of brushing. Limiting sugar intake and brushing regularly, of course, can help prevent cavities and unwanted dental treatments down the road. The longer it takes your child to chew their food and the longer the residue stays on their teeth, the greater the chances of getting cavities.

Wondering how you can help your child prevent cavities at home? Consider the following tips for cavity prevention:

  • Limit frequency of meals and snacks
  • Encourage brushing, flossing and rinsing
  • Avoid sugary drinks and sticky foods
  • Make treats part of regular meals
  • Choose nutritious snacks

Our team will always emphasize easy-to-follow oral health education for kids, and send them home from their appointment with the tools they need to keep their smiles healthy.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

At River Ridge Dental, our approach is anchored in quality prevention, but, sometimes small cavities can still occur, even if patients are keeping their teeth clean. To treat them, we use safe, effective tooth-colored dental fillings designed to perfectly blend with your child's smile.

Dental Crowns For Children

If your child suffers an oral injury, or if our team discovers decay, our dentists might recommend a dental crown to help save the tooth. We offer state-of-the-art, laboratory-crafted crowns from durable materials: all-ceramic, stainless steel, and zirconia.

Tooth Extractions For Kids

For children who are suffering from decay or experiencing crowding, we may recommend a gentle tooth extraction. In these cases, tooth extractions can help ensure your child's total-body health as they continue to grow.

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