Orthodontics in Cedar Rapids

River Ridge Dental provides a variety of Orthodontic Treatments including Invisalign Clear Braces

Dr. Crippes and his staff provide traditional orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages, including Invisalign.  As general dentist who is trained in orthodontic care, we are able to further enhance orthodontically corrected smiles with cosmetic procedures, such as bonding and tooth whitening.  Our patients also benefit from having long-term follow-up care as we are able to see you for routine checkup visits.

At River Ridge Dental you will find very personal care as we help you improve your smile.  Dr. Crippes, along with each staff member is knowledgeable, encouraging, and gentle.  We will help you achieve the smile results you have always wanted.

Ask us or call us about Phase I orthodontics for younger children.  Proper space and occlusion(bite) can be attained by beginning orthodontic care prior to the teen years.

We would love to provide further information on how Phase I orthodontic care may benefit your child.

Dr. Crippes completed the Straight Wire Orthodontic Program with Dr. Geherty in 1997.

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Orthodontics Before & After

Orthodontics Before & After case 1
Orthodontics Before & After case 2

We offer a cost free evaluation/consultation for all cases.  Come see us if you are interested in correcting your smile!

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